SLA Industries 2nd Edition: The Slasher, Issue One

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The Slasher provides an in-game look at the enchanting local celebrity culture of Mort City's serial killers and the culture around them. This 24-page document is inspired by the British red-top tabloid press but cranked up all the way to SLA. It's chocked full of art and writing from the minds of Allsop and Earle. This is a must-have 'sitting on the bog' read for anyone with a satirical sense of black humour.


Slasher is an A5 24-page in-game accessory for SLA Industries: 2nd Edition to give you an idea of what the less discerning Downtown civilians love to read. It’s a Serial Killer fancier’s tabloid, full of stories of what’s going down in Mort City with news, views, letters and adverts with a little bit of gossip thrown in for good measure, exactly as your characters would see them.

It is Irreverent and daft, it’s pretty much exactly what you think it will be.
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