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The 313 is the pride of Karma; SLA Industries’ biogenetic engineering division. The 313 model Stormer is the perfect soldier. Its gigantic muscular form stands over two and half meters tall with a frame that shows little but rigid leathery muscle, capable of regenerating itself at a rate which far surpasses the healing capabilities of most Ebons. A 313’s head is shaped with a long equine-like muzzle, filled with razor sharp teeth which are constantly on show, on account of the fact that their lips do not meet. The appearance of a 313 is a thing of nightmares, though the civilians of Mort have learned to nurture, not fear the presence of Stormers.

Bigger, stronger, tougher and more violent. That’s the sale pitch for the Chagrin; the 714 variant of the Stormer line. The Chagrin is a more recent addition SLA Industries, following in the footsteps of the 313’s success. Initially the Chagrin was developed for deployment on the most hostile war worlds. It’s incredible size and muscular frame is capable of sustaining huge amounts of damage without compromising its combat capabilities, making it the ultimate self-sufficient soldier, able to survive in a combat zone for prolonged periods of time without additional support. A Chagrin stands in excess of 2.80m tall, and while it sports the same razor sharp teeth and vicious claws as its predecessor, the Chagrin also has huge thick tusks protruding from its lower jaw, making it even more deadly in melee combat.

The set features two 313 'Malice' Stormers, 1 with Chuckledusters and the other with a FEN Reaver Cannon, and one 714 'Chagrin' Stormer. The perfect heavy hitters for your Operative, Sector Ranger, or Shiver Patrol.

Includes 3 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and Agent cards for each.

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