SINS: Manifest Destiny

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The first expansion to the Award-Winning, supernatural post-apoc roleplaying game America Rises from the Ashes. America lies silent and empty; a vast wasteland, its people scattered and hunted. As far as the people of the East Coast know, they are the only survivors – the last bastion of humanity in a dying world – but they are wrong. The darkness is passing, and humanity is far more resilient than they imagine. Yet as a new America looks to rebuild itself after the Fall, old powers are stirring and the human evils of Old America are re-emerging.  As Eldritch powers expand their domains and long-forgotten nightmares stir in the ashes of the Fall, it falls to the Nemissaries, and the new generations of the continent, to forge a better future.  A new era is beginning, and despite the struggles of the Fall, the sins of the old world must not be allowed to repeat themselves again.  
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