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The Brain Waster is the distant cousin of the Ebon race. While the innate drive of an Ebon is their thirst for knowledge and wisdom, it is the destructive potential of the Ebb that drives the Brain Waster. From birth, Brain Wasters are predisposed to a brooding feeling of darkness, a lack of empathy and an unstable temperament. Brain Wasters are aggressive, rude and care little for the feelings of others. The name ‘Brain Waster’ stems from their volatile temperament, and from their obsessive mental decline in chasing the eventual goal of becoming a Necanthrope. While many people throw the term around in a derogatory way, Brain Wasters actively embrace the name, knowing the masses of Mort fear it.

This Brain Waster model is the show and website exclusive model for 2019.

The show exclusive model will only be available here online in the run up to, and during any shows that we attend during 2019. The model is purchasable or will be given away with any order of £30 or more.

Nightfall will be attending the following shows in 2019:

  • SALUTE 2019

This model is the perfect addition to an SLA Operative patrol, or as an alternative model for use as one of the Brain Waster Agents.

This single part model is supplied with a base.

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