Sector Rangers Starter Set

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The Sector Rangers are a branch of SLA Operatives who are trained to patrol and examine the Cannibal Sectors exclusively. They commit to grueling 6 month long tours of the city ruins, striving to reach its farthest borders then research and sometimes eliminate the newly discovered threats they find there.

The Rangers have been operating in the Cannibal Sectors for more than 500 years and after centuries of struggle, study and unfathomable hardships, they know the region better than anyone. In order to perform their duties as Sector Rangers they must undergo extensive training in an especially narrow field of operation and must be equipped with specialist hardware to survive such a hostile environment.

The end result is an organisation to be reckoned with; even the toughest indigenous races of the Sector are reluctant to attack a squad of Sector Rangers.

Includes 5 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and an Agent card

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