Frother Pack

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While appearing human to most, the Frother is in fact another race entirely. Frothers originate from Heberia, many miles east of Mort City, where chemical addiction to narcotics is usually prevalent from birth. The use of drugs in Heberian culture stems back far further than SLA researchers have been able to uncover, but what is known is that during a Frother’s teenage years, their craving for harder drugs will usually push them into the arms of SLA Industries – the manufacturers of the hardest and most destructive combat drugs ever made. This makes for a very agreeable relationship. SLA gains access to both very capable Ops that have an aptitude for violence, and long term customers for their combat drugs, particularly the legendary ‘Ultra Violence’. For the young Frother, any job that respects you for your addiction has to be a job worth taking.

This set includes 5 Frother models and the Agent cards for McNultie, MacRoberts and O'Kean.

Includes 5 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and 3 Agent cards.

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