Dragon Dice Kicker - Undead

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What happens in Esfah when the carnage continues to escalate? Lord Death raises the Undead to step into the battle for supremacy on the Dragon Dice™ field. SFR, Inc. is pleased to announce the return of the Undead in a new kicker pack.

With this kicker, one of Dragon Dice™’s most popular species is again available for your game. Zombies, Skeletons, Vampires, Ghouls, Dracoliches, and other not-quite-dead-yet units await your commands!

The Undead are a powerful species in melee combat, combining strong offensive power with superior toughness. Undead mages come in two kinds, heavy and light magic, and use Black/Death magic to devastating effect with their own set of spells to add to the regular spell book. With their species abilities, the Undead are hard to kill and harder to keep dead. Unlike the other species in the game, Undead have no missile units, so you’ll want to play to their strengths and crush those pesky archers.


  • 7 6-sided dice: 4 small 16mm, 2 medium 18mm, and 1 large 20mm. 
  • 1 22mm 10-sided monster die
  • A rules sheet.
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