Dogeybone Pack (Shiver/9th Division)

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Normal Price: £16 - we have the models made and cast and are just awaiting the cards. Preorder will last until the end of 7th July 2019, at which point orders will be packed and shipped.

Dogeybone Shivers are Sector Wall specialists that get to pilot the biggest armour available to Shivers. While the suits they get aren’t as comfortable or up-to-date as those bought by Operatives, they are functionally identical, apart from the handles that Shivers have added to the backs of their suits to allow fellow Shivers to hitch a ride out of trouble. Very few Dogeybone Shivers get sent out to the Sector, but those who do are a very welcome addition to any Bridgehead.

These models can be used as part of a Shiver or 9th Patrol. Includes an Assault and Support Dogeybone option.

This set includes 2 multipart large miniatures with 50mm bases and 2 Agent Cards.

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Factions Shivers
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