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There is no doubt that Digger is the deadliest being to stalk the Cannibal Sector, and everyone knows it. SLA Industries classifies the monster as a Manchine, but to the inhabitants of the Northwest Compact it is a he, and he is god. It’s easy to see why they might come to that conclusion.

Digger is a hulking, 20 foot tall miracle of robotics and engineering, coated in every replenishing layer of darkening, decaying flesh. Pig, Cannibal, Carrien and Shiver have all been cut down by enormous shoulder blades and their skin roughly removed to be applied to vast metal frame; all for Digger to convince himself that he is indeed human, and has a job to do.

Digger was first known as simply AGF -14; created as a rapid response combat droid to deal with mass opponents. He was originally going to be sent off to Dante, but once the uprising took hold in the Central Outskirts he was immediately sent to the riot zone, and never left it.

Digger is the most powerful Denizen in the game. His arrival on the board signifies a new wave of death, damage and destruction.

Includes 1 massive (approx 120mm high) multipart resin miniature, base and a Denizen card.

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