DarkNight Expansion Pack

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DarkNight is made up of, in the vast majority, former SLA Operatives and employees, either disgruntled, or seemingly aware of the dark corruption that exists within the company. These defectors, while Human in their vast majority, can represent every race imaginable, though all with the same motives - to hurt SLA Industries wherever they can.

Buzz Lishner likes fire. Once a budding representative of SLA Industries, Buzz was reprimanded and had his contract as an Operative terminated for settling an urban dispute in Downtown with a Klippo Lighter and 12 gallons of fuel, which resulted in the incineration of 17 civilians. Shortly after, having had his application to Klippo as a weapons designer denied, Buzz fell into the arms of DarkNight, working as a specialist, developing incendiary explosives. It didn’t take long before his quick temper and intrinsic desire to set fire to things pushed him up the DarkNight ladder and into the role of Commandant, in command of his own cell, tasked with infiltrating the now unused subterranean levels of Downtown in order to rig the foundations of key buildings for demolition on the level above. It was during this expedition that Buzz and his cell, now adopting the name ‘The Fire’, stumbled over the active Carrien runs which ran under the wall, connecting the subterranean levels of Mort to Cannibal Sector 1.

This 5 model set includes Buzz Lishner, 2 DarkNight Gunners, 1 DarkNight Marksman and 1 DarkNight Specialist, as well as the Agent cards to play Buzz and Doc Cribbs. This is the perfect set to expand your DarkNight patrol.

Includes 5 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and 2 Agent cards

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