D-Day Dice Way to Hell

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This expansion for D-Day Dice sees the players travel from the battleships to the beach on their landing craft. It plays very differently to the main game: the players start with all their resources?how much will they lose on the way to the beach?

This expansion contains 5 modules that are completely independent from each other. They can be added individually or as a whole to the base game.

Way to Hell: This expansion introduces the Sea Battle Map to the game. Now, instead of starting your game on the beach, you actually play the terrible boat ride to get there! Players take the role of coxswains (the landing craft commanders) who must dodge German artillery, sea mines and beach obstacles to safely deliver their passengers on the beach. Once they have accomplished their mission, the game continues normally on land, with the players taking the role of the Units. When playing Way to Hell, players don't roll every turn to see what they gain (like the regular D-Day Dice game), they roll every turn to see what they LOSE. All the Landing Craft start with a full complement, and must reach the beach before they lose everyone!

Gold Dice: These are played like any Red, White or Blue dice, but take the color of your choice, determined during the Final Tally. The box includes many ways to introduce Gold Dice to your game, and optional rules to make the most of them.

SHAEF: A 6th player color (pink), with a full set of Specialists and dice (and its own set of RWB bonuses). This will give players either a new color to choose from, or the option to add a 6th player to the fray.

Special Missions: A simple expansion that adds a new layer to the game: Special Missions, which the players must accomplish in order to win. This must be done in addition to the normal objectives of the game (storm the bunker and survive for 1 turn). 1 Special Mission card is drawn at random at the beginning of the game, and the players will have to fulfil its requirements before reaching the bunker. Some will ask for specific Items to be found, or Specialists to be recruited (and sacrificed). Others will ask for specific RWB bonuses or even Awards.

War Heroes: 25 Specialist cards with a twist... each represents a real-life war hero of WWII! They work as replacement Specialists with slightly better abilities, so instead of rallying a Scout, for example, you can now rally "Scout Tommy Prince". The rules include a small bio for each of these exceptional individuals, ailing from the various countries who fought for the Allied cause, like Canada, USA, UK, France, Scotland, New Zealand or Australia, and from the many cultures inside these countries, like African Americans, Japanese Americans, Muslim Pakistanis, Jewish French, Maori, Irish, etc. The box also includes 5 Battle Maps, including "Juno Beach" and "Utah Beach", a Scenario Book, new Items, new Vehicles, new Awards, new Specialists, including the General, the Quartermaster and the Drill Sergeant.

This Expansion consists of:

  • 5 regular Battle Maps
  • 3 Sea Maps
  • 40 Special Mission Cards
  • 65 other cards (including Field Promotions, Specialists, War Heroes)
  • An extra player set (SHAEF)
  • Tokens
  • 4 Gold dice.
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