D-Day Dice: Overlord

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This expansion allows 2 extra players to join the battle, playing as the Norwegians and Greeks. There are rules for team play and campaign, competitive modes. The set also includes new battle maps, specialists and decorations, battlefield conditions, new specialists and items.  

This expansion includes:

  • Full campaign rules variant Battle Map of GOLD Beach (with one bunker) and Battle Map: Strongpoint Daimler.
  • A token sheet plus the necessary components to add 2 players to your campaigns: 2 sets of RWB dice, 2 sets of all new Specialists including resource cards (Greece and Norway) and 2 unique Unit Markers
  • A full set of Awards, Items and Vehicles,
  • 4 new and exclusive Awards,
  • 4 new and exclusive Legendary Units: The Maori Battalion, the 3rd Algerian Infantry Division, the US Third Army (Patton's Own) and 30 Assault Unit (Ian Fleming's Red Indians).
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