9th Division Expansion Pack II

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The treacherous 9th Division is made up of absconders and runaways, formed by the survivors of the failed Red Sky Project and left for dead by SLA Industries, the 9th Division are now hell-bent on killing their namesake - Shivers.

Using their knowledge of the Cannibal Sector, loose relationships with a number of other factions and by recruiting only the sickest individuals, the 9th Division take the fight to SLA Industries day after day, reportedly responsible for more Shiver casualties than any other faction.

This 5 model set includes the leader of the 9th: Feaney, Kyū,  One of The First, and 2 9th Troopers, as well as the Agent cards to play Feaney and Kyū. This is the perfect set to expand your 9th Division patrol.

Includes 5 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and 2 Agent cards

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