Carrien Expansion Pack

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In the last 10 years, the Carrien living in Cannibal Sector 1 have become ever more bestial in appearance. They have grown more stooped, with their skeletal, canine skulls becoming increasingly angular and pronounced. The Carrien have bulked out too, like many other species within the Northwest Compact, evolving into creatures better adapted to survive their hostile environment.

Ragman is a notorious Alpha Carrien who has come to prominence in Cannibal Sector 1 within the last three years. Ragman has gained this notoriety owing to his strange, distinctive grab and the fact that he specifically targets SLA Operatives, whom he eats as swiftly as he dispatches them.

The Carrien Expansion Pack allows you to expand your existing Carrien patrol with the fearful Ragman, another Carrien/Alpha and 5 more Juvenile Carrien; ideal for increasing your pack of savages.

Includes 7 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and 2 Agent cards.

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