Cannibal Starter Set

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Giving the Sector its name, the twisted vestiges of humanity that survived the fall of civilisation have gathered in clans and tribes, ranging from the borderline civilised townships of Tabor, to the primitive hunters of the Badlands. Mostly matriarchal, these insular groups are brutal and efficient, treating captives as food for themselves or their savage pigs and terrifying dogs.

Close-quarters combat suits cannibals, but as they close the distance, weapons like the double-barrel shotgun become a common favourite, giving them two chances to make a difference before they get to gutting range. Big and burly, with the occasional Runt swaggering along, they’re led by a uncompromising Matriarch and have the occasional abomination like Jordy bringing a little extra punch.

Includes 5 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and 1 Agent card.

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