Astroforce: Away Team

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In Astroforce: The Away Team expansion you have so much more to deal with, not just the mission in hand, but also organising and surviving an Away Team mission too.

This expansion adds a whole new dimension to Astroforce: The Dice Game

Astroforce: The Dice Game is a tactical dice management game in which a pool of dice represent the crew members of your ship. Playable solo or cooperatively, each turn these dice are rolled to determine the crew's capabilities for the coming round, allowing them to be allocated to a range of tasks such as raising shields, providing medical aid, completing diplomatic missions or combating strange alien warships. A full tour of duty lasts five years, with a new mission assigned each year. Failure of two missions will leave the A.S.V. Pioneer with insufficient fuel to return home. Your choices throughout the game will determine your success and the survival of your crew. Be bold, be the Captain the crew need you to be!

Astroforce is a Golden Geek Award winning game!


  • A set of 34 cards and a player board.

NOTE: You need a copy of Astroforce the Dice Game to use this product

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